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We have the advantage of
TFY FOREX to provide a broad range of financial derivatives transactions for retail customers and financial institutions
  • -It provides a competitive
  • -Fund security guarantee
  • -High leverage ratio
  • -Personalized trading strategy
Trading market
  • Precious Metals
  • OIL
  • CFD
  • Agriculture products
Safety performance
  • Account transparency
  • Compliance supervision
  • Highly self disciplined
  • Customer capital isolation
  • risk management
Economic Calendar
  • 24 hours operation
  • Optimizing risk management
  • Strategy back test
  • Automated trading strategy
Cooperative partner
  • BOA
  • Citibank
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Societe Generale
  • HSBC
MetaTrader 4 The mobile platform
The use of mobile platforms has changed the way people trade. Now, you no longer need to stare at your trading terminal, but can be by smartphone or tablet to monitor the market, and can be anywhere in the world trade in a timely manner. TFY FOREX has launched a mobile version for its main trading platform, all of which can benefit from our conflict-free and non-trader platform intervention.

● anytime

● Offers android, iOS and web versions

● Quick trading execution

● No trader platform intervention

Why do you choose MetaTrader4?

MetaTrader4 has established itself as an industry standard. Through the intuitive user interface with customizable environment combined with rich functions, MT4 provides traders with everything they need to draw charts, order and management of their positions. Advanced plus TFY FOREX trading infrastructure, competitive pricing, and exchange proxy mode, you have the one of the most powerful online FOREX trading portfolio.

Expert Adivsor

Comprehensive EA functionality to meet your automation requirements, and we accept all EA.

Price limit orders, limit of win, stop
loss,check orders, marketorders and
tracking stop loss.

Excellent low latency processing


MT4 the remarkable characteristics of real-time trading platform for:concise,flexibility,stability and dynamic quotation analysis in detail,and can set pointer and using intelligent trading systems

MT4 netting functions, such as
manually closing,forcing flat
positions, partial positions, and
closing lists.

More than 30 kinds of comprehensive
indicator chart bags.

—Professional service team—
Jack Wilshere
Marketing Director
Rodney Stratton
Customer Service Supervisor
Karlene Quigley
Compliance Supervisor
Technical Advisers
Associate Director

The innovative agency plan is designed to meet the needs of the broker or the relevant website with strong click appeal. Our agent plan for individuals and companies seeking to develop business and build strong customer base. You only need to introduce the customer to TFY FOREX, and get the professional trading platform and services we offer to your customers.

——Your trusted broker——


TFY FOREX is authorized and regulated by Vanuatu (VFSC).VFSC number:40204.

Account separation

TFY FOREX clients' funds will be deposited in separate accounts at investment-grade Banks. The investment Banks include commonwealth bank of Australia, barclays bank and HSBC.

Customer's insurance

TFY FOREX's clients are covered by financial compensation plans.

Negative balance protection

TFY FOREX using an automated trading monitoring measures and risk management system to ensure that the customer will not bear the negative balance loss, won't let customers outside of the produce more than the initial capital losses.